Eketahuna Day 4

Today in Eketahuna we drew some possibility pictures and used books from the library to help describe some possibilities. We then used a find the kiwi book and looked at things we were certain of, one being Donald Trump enjoying his holiday in New Zealand! We then went to the café and estimated how many people would come in and what they would buy, then tallied up the results.

Eketahuna Day 3

Today we estimated how many times a die would land on one of the sides, then continued to roll it around 25 times to see which side it would land on the most. Afterwards we presented our data on the whiteboard and looked at a graph we made and strangely enough 3 was rolled the most! We then moved on to making our own spinner games and playing 21, where we would add up numbers while being paid, to risk it to win at 21!

Eketahuna Day 2

Today we continued our lessons on probability and wondered how we could show the words certain, likely, possible, unlikely and impossible with pictures. We discovered that using a cup with varying amounts of water would work well and so we drew lots of cups. We then moved on to drawing other things that were impossible like a giraffe in a matchbox and used different sets of eyes and moustaches to figure out the probability of what we would be more likely to have.

Take a Chance is Underway at Eketahuna

Today at Eketahuna we started off with probability and estimated how many jelly beans we thought were in a jar! Our guesses ranged from 20 up to 100! Then we moved on to spinners and used them to play a game where we handed out counters based on what the spinner landed on. The person with the least amount of counters won.

Eketahuna Day 3

Today at Eketahuna we went mad with measurements! We guessed what our stride length was, and then compared it to the actual length.   image002.jpg  Afterwards we then went and estimated measurements outside with strides as our unit of measurement, which we then compared to the actual amount of strides, then the actual measurement in metres.   image014.jpg   image015.jpg   After a quick lunch we went inside and started work on tangrams, creating our own in the end to challenge others to make!   image016.jpg   image017.jpg   image018.jpg